Date : Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute

The Sushila Educational Institute has been established at Ranti, Madhubani with the main objective of imparting a full course of liberal education to the youth with emphasis on Indian culture and traditions.

Hence the goal of this institution is not only to promote education by encouraging academic excellence and development of skills but also to groom students in understanding Indian civilization and its values, we also want to flourish our students with western education. Our aim is to foster strict discipline moulded on the lines of the Indian Heritage. To develop this ideal, the corporation of parents will be needed at all times.
" Education begets humility; humility begets good character. With good character one earns wealth and with wealth one does righteous action, from which one gets happiness."

Computer Room
Our School computer laboratory is well equipped with modern computers to provide our students with high level of computers education, which can serve their necessities in the future.
Laboratory Room
Our School Laboratories are completely equipped with all modern experimental equipment. We have great experienced laboratory teachers who are always ready to help the
students
Library Room
A Library is a place where within a school, students, staff and often, parents have access to variety of resources.
According to Kathleen D. Smith –“school library in the 21st century. Read More...
School Campus
The Campus of S.E.I. has all the facilities which the students need. We have a huge football around, a basket ball court, cricket ground . we have common rooms for all the lodging students. Read More...
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