Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute

has been established at RANTI, Madhubani (Bihar), Nearly 2.5 K.M. away from Madhubani Railway Station. Sushila Educational Institute popularly known as SEI and Ranti Known as heart of Mithila. The region of Mithila comprising almost whole of North Bihar popularly called MITHILA or TIRHUT has a glorious past. It has produced great scholars, philosophers, saints, and its land is dotted with historical monuments and temples situated at the foot of Himalayas this region has a vast reserve of fertile land and great wealth of natural beauty. It is the birth place of SITA. Mithila has its own reputation for its heritage , wisdom, learning, knowledge and achievement.

Although rich in history, legend myth art and culture. Mithila is one of the poorest and most neglected part of India.

The Institute extends it educational service to every one without any distinction of caste, creed or ethnicity. The institute is co-educational.

The vital importance of pollution-free and peaceful environment had been kept in mind while setting up the institute and planning the campus
Location MAP of Sushila Educational Institute
Main Entrance of Sushila Educational Institute (SEI)
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