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Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
Students and parents / guardians shall abide strictly to the rules and regulations noted here, which may be modified from time to time. If it necessary any breach of these rules shall lead to serious consequences such as warning, fines, suspension, dismissal and compulsory issue of Transfer Certificate depending on the severity of the misconduct / breach. The Principal’s decision shall be final in this regard and binding on the student parent / guardian.
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Attendance and Leave :
1. Leave of absence will be granted only on written application from the parent / guardian.
2. A student requiring leave for any part of a day on account of sudden illness or such unavoidable circumstances shall obtain the permission of the Class Teacher and Principal and sign in the early leaving register kept in the office before leaving the institute. Leave application signed by parent / guardian must be submitted on the next working day of institute.
3. If the student needs sick leave for more than 3 days, he/she must produce a Medical Certificate.
4. Continuous absence from institute for 15 days without permission will lead to the removal of the students name from the institute register. In such cases, readmission will only be granted after payment of an additional admission fee. Readmission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The institute authorities will use their discretion in this matter.
5.No student suffering form any contagious or infectious disease shall be permitted to attend classes.
6. Minimum attendance must be 80% of the total number of working days, failing which the student may be detained in the same class.
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