Date : Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
A library is a place where within a school, students, staff and often, parents have access to variety of resources.
According to Kathleen D. Smith –“school library in the 21st century should be, hubs for increased students achievement and positive focused school reforms”.
Our school library provide students with a range of learning opportunities. Our library consists of books,films,recorded sound, periodicals, realia , and digital media. Our library is not only for the education, enjoyments but also to provide information and ideas that are fundamental to functioning successfully in today’s’ information and knowledge based society.
The campus of S.E.I. has all the facilities which the students need. We have a huge football around, a basket ball court, cricket ground . we have common rooms for all the lodging students. We have a exceptional eco-friendly campus. We have got generator backup for emergency power . in our school we not only emphasis on the students academics but equally on sports and other co-curricular activities with keep or the necessities of present day students in mind we have built this schools campus.
Our school laboratories are completely equipped with all modern experimental equipment. We have great experienced laboratory teachers who are always ready to help the students with any projects or experiments.
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