Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute
Welcome to Sushila Educational Institute

Students and parents / guardians shall abide strictly to the rules and regulations noted here, which may be modified from time to time. If it necessary any breach of these rules shall lead to serious consequences such as warning, fines, suspension, dismissal and compulsory issue of Transfer Certificate depending on the severity of the misconduct / breach. The Principal’s decision shall be final in this regard and binding on the student parent / guardian.
Menu : General & Discipline
1. Student must attend institute punctually, failing which they will be sent back home. Students should reach the Institute 10 minutes before the assembly. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A STUDENT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE INSTITUET AFTER THE CLASSES HAVE BEIGUN.
2. The institute uniform must be worn on all working days and on all institute functions. Students not wearing the uniform will not be allowed to attend classes.
3. The institute uniform should be clean and ironed properly. Student who are sloppily dressed or wearing dirty clothes are liable to be sent back home.
4. Student shall bring those textbooks and notebooks required by their timetable, as well as their diary and writing materials to institute everyday. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books, diary, writing material and belongings.
5. Students are not permitted to attend institute if unwell and / or suffering from an infectious disease.
6. Students must complete their home assignments regularly.
7. Students should obey the teachers and institute authorities in all matters, and are required to follow the instructions that may be given by the authorities. They are not allowed to be in other class rooms during intervals.
8. Students should be polite and courteous. All students are urged to maintain high moral and ethical standards set by the institute in thir manners and conduct.
9. Students should behave in a proper manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the institute would be judged by their conduct.
10. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct of the pupil inside or outside the campus will invite disciplinary action.
11. Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in institute work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or act, serious misconduct or threats inside or outside the institute shall lead to dismissal.
12. Students will be responsible for their belongings, such as books, money,umbrella and lunch box.
13. No jewellery including silver anklets, fancy chains, dangling ear rings, etc. should be worn to the institute on any occasion. Valuable atticles not required for academic or co-curricular activities should not be brought to the institute.
14. Boys shall ensure that their hair is trimmed short at regular intervals. Girls shall plait their hair neatly into two halves with a black colored ribbon. Finger and toe nails shall be manicured.
15. The student shall keep classrooms and their surroundings neat and tidy.
16. No student shall be allowed to leave the institute premises earlier than the institute leaving hours without the written request of the parents / guardians.
17. No books, periodicals or newspapers of any objectionable nature shall be brought into the institute.
18. Students shall be treat all institute property with care. Student are forbidden to write of scribble on the wall / furniture, dirty the class rooms or damage any material. The parent / guardian will have to compensate for willful damage done to institute property or the that of others.
19. If a student sees any institute property damaged, he/she should report the matter to the institute office immediately.
20. All students will have to take part in all institute functions and other co-curricular activities unless medically unfit or exempted by the principal.
21. Parents/Guardians shall ensure that their child / ward devote enough time at home to their studies and assignments.
22. Parent / Guardians shall check the institute dairy everyday, take note of communication from the institute and home work / assignment given and sign in the space provided. They shall also acknowledge circulars and Teacher’s remarks.
23. Student shall bring only vegetarian lunch with them.
24. Parents / guardians are not allowed to visit their wards during institute hours.
25. Parents / Guardians shall respond to the reports and information that the institute sends them in a timely manner. The institute community needs the full co-operation of the parents/guardians.
26. Parents / Guardians who escort their child / ward to and from institute shall leave them near the institute gate in the morning, and receive them at the gate in the afternoon.
27. No student shall stay back in the institute premises after institute hours except when advised by the Principal or teachers. The institute shall not be responsible for their well-being, if they stay back after institute hours with our permission.
28. Upon receiving notice of warning issued to the student, the parent/guardian shall counsel the child / ward at home not to repeat the mistake / breach of any rules.
29. Parents/Guardians shall not personally arrange to have any of the staff give private tuition to their child/ward.
30. Parents / Guardians are expected to assist the institute in the following ways:-
(a) They shall bot be allowed any interview with any teacher without prior permission from the principal, except on dates specified for the purpose.
(b) Private tuition by teachers is not permissible. It may be allowed in only exceptional circumstances with prior consent in writing from the secretary of the institute.
(c) Any change of address / telephone / mobile no. must be inform to the institute in writing immediately.
(d) The institute does not accept any responsibility for students left in the institute after the institute gets over.
31. All requests, complaints, etc. should be given in writing to the institute office.
32. If parents fail to behave in a good manner with the institute authorities, employees or teaching staff, the school authorities shall be well within their rights to compulsorily issue Transfer Certificate to the ward of such parent with out any prior notice.
33. If the student is found unfairmeans at the examination by indulging in copying or replacing answer sheets, it shall lead to their suspension / dismissal or compulsorily issuing Transfer Certificate.
34. Students are prohibited from taking food from public vendors outside the institute premises in institute uniform. Incase a student is found to do so, she/he will be strictly dealt with leading to dismissal, if need be.
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